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About me

My name is Johannes Linden and I am 21 years. I work with GUIs with focus on web development. I am an experienced programmer that knows a lot of math and physics. I have a company called GoDesity for this purpose.

I like to challenge myself and I enjoy helping others with their problems involving the computer. I study primarily at Mid Sweden University and I had the privilege to present a lecture to about 60 people in three hours. I study Computer Engineering and before I moved to Sundsvall I lived in Gothenburg. In high school, I went to a school called Göteborgs Tekniska Gymnasium (GTG) which means Gothenburg Region of Technology Gymnasium. At GTG I ended with a four-year education in three years of studies.

My spare time consists mostly of programming, scouts, friends. Scout, I have been for ten years and now I am a Scout leader here in Sundsvall.

Programmer quotes and jokes

I am not a robot. I'm a unicorn.

Info projects

Under my time I have made a lot of projects and summarizing all of them on this page would be a pain. With that said I will still show you my most precious creations here. If you are curious of other projects I have made, feel free to ask.


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